7 reasons to choose Tijuana as your medical tourism destination

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7 reasons to choose Tijuana as your medical tourism destination

7 reasons to choose Tijuana as your medical tourism destination

Located in the northwest corner of Mexico, border city with San Diego California. Tijuana, is among the most popular medical tourism destinations in the world. As more and more patients travel to Tijuana to get medical or dental treatments, we compiled the top 7 reasons why traveling to Tijuana for medical care might be an ideal solution for anyone pursuing the highest medical standards at fair prices.

1. Location. Conveniently located right in the border with San Diego, California. Tijuana is a premium medical tourism destination, especially for patients traveling from the US or Canada. Considering that Tijuana is just a 20 minutes drive from downtown San Diego and 25 minutes from San Diego International Airport. Direct flights from all major cities in USA and Canada are available at affordable prices. For patients from Canada & USA Tijuana is a domestic flight away.

People who live just across the border, in California, only need a quick car ride to reach Tijuana!  And most medical providers are able to issue a Fast Lane Pass, so patients can easily and quickly cross the border back to the US.

2. Tijuana is Bicultural City. Yes, Tijuana is a bicultural city, everyday people are crossing the border to work in San Diego or the other way around. Is very common to hear people having conversation in English while in Tijuana, and practically everyone is able to communicate in English. The other convenience of Tijuana being a Bicultural City is that we are very habituated to common expressions, signs, and abbrevations. FYI TJ is available for you 24/7 you can get a MD ASAP and in TJ you don't have to BYOB ;)

3. Highly experienced doctors and staff. Whether it be bariatric surgery, plastic surgery, stem cell treatment or dental care, the doctors and surgeons in Tijuana hospitals are highly experienced and well- equipped with the skills needed for performing a wide range of sophisticated procedures. Tijuana's is home to world renowned scientifics and specialists like Dr. Jorge Gaviño and Dr. Luis Romero, cowriters of the best selling book: A Patients Guide To Stem Cell Therapy.

Many physicians now practicing in Tijuana completed a part of their studies in the US, enabling them to not only to boast of the highest levels of education, but also to deal with international patients easily.

4. Cost Effective. Tijuana offers high quality medical services at fair prices. Traveling to Tijuana and booking with MTTJ (Medical Tourism Tijuana) allows you to save up to 70% on the total cost of your medical procedure.

Just as an example, a Gastric Sleeve Surgery may cost as high as $20,000 in the US, while the same is available in Tijuana at a price of $4,500. Factoring in travel and lodging costs, the total cost of medical travel is often far less than the price of the procedure alone in the United States, Canada, and many other countries.

5. Faster Access. Unlike many countries, such as the US or Canada, there are virtually no waiting lists in Tijuana. This is a great advantage for those who need timely access to medical care or want to plan their treatment for when it best suits their schedule.

6. State-of-the-art Medical Facilities. The Medical Tourism industry in Tijuana has been growing exponiantally over the last two decades, and this benefits all. The doctors gain unparalled experience, major companies are investing in infrastructure. We now have hospitals and health centers with the latest scientific and technology advancements. All these factor contribute to making Tijuana one of the premium and most populars medical tourism destinations in the world.

7. Tijuana’s art and food scene. In the recent years Tijuana's artistic and gastronomic scene has been blooming and making our city proud. Tijuana is building a reputations as a cultural mecca and one of the places you need to visit, according to National's Geographic Travel Magazine.


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