ProgenCell Stem Cell Therapies

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About ProgenCell Stem Cell Therapies

At ProgenCell, we use adult stem cells that come from the patients themselves to treat countless conditions and diseases. Our clinic is located in Tijuana, Mexico, which borders the United States, and is only a few minutes away from San Diego, CA. Our clinic has received numerous awards from the International Board of Medicine and Surgery and we see patients from all over the world.

PROGENCELL offers stem cell therapies with effective results. Many years of research and experience have resulted in substantial improvements in the health and conditions of patients with various diseases, even where other treatments have failed. ProgenCell infuses stem cells from bone marrow into the same patient (autologous stem cells) to regenerate damaged tissue causing the ailments, this therapy has no risk of tissue rejection, and minimal secondary effects.

Prices/Services List

Stem Cell Treatment for Multiple Sclerosis7,000 - 9,000 USD

Knee Injection3,000 - 3,500 USD

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