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About Clinica Santa Clarita

Clínica Santa Clarita

Clinica Santa Clarita (CSC) is focused on improving the quality of life of their patients. By combining new technologies with time proven practices, CSC innovates by offering patients new solutions to ongoing problems.

Adjusting to changing needs in the community and to position itself for the next 25 years, Clinica Santa Clarita (CSC) has decided to focus on regenerative medicine. CSC completely remodeled its facilities to serve as a research and treatment center. CSC believes it’s in a great position to leave its mark in Mexico.

In striving to do things the right way and most importantly, the sustainable way, CSC has focused intently on acquiring all the necessary permits and licenses needed to perform stem cell transplants and research. CSC is among the first facilities in Mexico to have both stem cell transplant and stem cell banking licenses issued by COFEPRIS, the Mexican equivalent of the FDA. With these licenses in hand CSC can transplant, import, research, sell, cultivate, and store stem cells. With these permits and new facilities, CSC hopes to open a new chapter in the use and research of stem cells in both Mexico and the rest of the world.

In combination with its new facilities and permits, CSC has formed its own Ethics Board and Research Board. These boards have been approved by both COFEPRIS and the National Bioethics Committee, Mexico's highest authority regarding bioethics. The role of these independent boards is to monitor all research and transplant protocols. These boards have the highest authority at CSC, and it is them who approve CSC's activities.
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