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Adjustable Gastric Band in Tijuana

What is an Adjustable Gastric Band?

The adjustable gastric band promotes weight loss by reducing the amount of food that the stomach can hold. An inflatable band placed around the top of the stomach creates a small pouch that holds significantly less food and causes the patient to feel full more quickly, while still allowing food to pass through the rest of the stomach and small intestine as normal. The body is able to absorb calories and nutrients normally with a gastric band.

After the gastric band is installed, the size of the opening between the small top pouch and the rest of the stomach is reduced over time via adjustments of saline, called “fills”. These fills are administered via a needle injected into an access port surgically placed under the skin, which connects to the band via a small tube. The doctor will adjust the size of the stomach opening based the rate of weight loss, and can either add fluid to tighten the band or remove fluid to loosen it. Band adjustments are made at follow-up office visits.1

How much does it cost?

As with any surgery, there are many costs involved. Surgeon, hospital, anesthesia, x-ray and pre-operative lab fees are all expenses that can be anticipated when going through the procedure. Related expenses also include diet or exercise regimens and post-surgery therapy. In the United States, costs for Lap band surgery ranges from $15,000 to $20,000. In Tijuana, the average cost for a Lap Band is $5,500 USD

How to find the right Surgeon

When choosing a Bariatric Surgeon, one of the most important factor should be the doctors experience. Consider how many procedures the doctors has performed and what kind and brand of equipments used. Certifications and proper credentials are also important

What to do next

Contact us to start your FREE evaluation at 1 (833) 868 7633 or send us an email to info@medicaltourismtj.com here are some tools you need to continue your research and get a free estimate from a Top Rated and certified bariatric surgeon.

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Estimated Price in US:

$20,500 USD

Average Cost in Tijuana:

$5,499 USD


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