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Otoplasty in Tijuana

What is an Otoplasty?

Corrective ear surgery or otoplasty is a surgical procedure performed in order to improve the proportion, shape or position of the ear. It is often used to correct birth defects or repair ears that were harmed during an injury or accident.

This surgical procedure is performed under local or general anesthesia. There is no uniform way to perform this type of surgical procedure as each instance depends on the patient and their existing condition and their overall goal for the surgery.

Surgery begins with an incision behind the ear where the ear meets the head. The surgeon then removes parts of the cartilage and skin in order to achieve the effect the patient is looking for. Sometimes the surgeon may even trim the cartilage in order to shape the ear into something more desirable. From there, they will pin the cartilage back with permanent stitches to secure it in place.

After the sculpting process occurs, the surgeon will apply sutures to anchor the ear. They will remain during the entire healing process.

How much does it cost?

The average cost for an Otoplasty in Tijuana is $2,500 USD.  Plastic Surgery will vary in cost depending on the type of procedure that is chosen. Other factors include the size of the patient as well as the location of the facility that is chosen. In the United States, otoplasty procedures may range between $8,000 and $10,000. Surgical costs may or may not include anesthetics and consultations and surgeon's fees, so always ask.

How to find the right Plastic Surgeon

Otoplasty should only be performed by a Plastic Surgeon in a properly regulated facility. Plastic Surgeons should be certified and trained in at least eight years of general sugery and plastic surgery. Always ask for the doctors accreditations and verify that the information provided by the doctors is up to date.

What to do next

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Estimated Price in US:

$8,500 USD

Average Cost in Tijuana:

$2,749 USD


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