Weight Loss Sugery Abbreviations

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Weight Loss Sugery Abbreviations

Weight Loss Sugery Abbreviations

I have been working in Medical Tourism for quite a years now, and over these years I have helped thousands of patients find medical services in Tijuana, Mexico. Of all of these patients I have a lot of respect and admiration for people who undergone Weight Loss Surgery. Because of the effort, the struggle, and sacrifices these patients need to put into their respective processes and also deal with the stigma of people who wrongly think that bariatric surgery is the "easy way out". The other factor that makes me admire bariatric patients is the sense of community that arises among bariatric patients. There are various online communities (Weight Loss Surgery in Tijuana, Weight Loss Surgery Singles, Bariatric Surgery and Gastric Sleeve Support Group) in social media or web forums that have become a must join for people considering Weight Loss Surgery, these groups are a source of first hand information and support for and by patients that have undergone or are considering Weight Loss Surgery. In order to move around these communities there are some abbreviations that you really need to ba acquianted with to be able to communicate and understand what is going on. To help you, we have compiled a list of the must know and frequently unknown abbreviations in bariatric surgery:

Is there any other acronym or abbreviation that we should include? Let us Know!

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Luis Mendoza is the editor of the MTTJ blog. He is born and raised in Tijuana. He is the father of two (both born and raised in Tijuana as well) and he enjoys football (the real football) and Science Fiction. Did we mention that he is born and raised in Tijuana, and a Certified Medical Tourism Professional.

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