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Holistic Dental Alternative (Huggins Protocol)
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About American Bio Dental

We specialize in Holistic Dentistry. We follow strict protocols for the removal of amalgams, mercury fillings and metals in your mouth. We believe that there is a direct correlation between the health of your mouth and the health of your body.

We use bio compatible materials. We can offer you a compatibility report to see which materials are more aligned with your body chemistry should you feel that your body is not tolerant of certain products.

We offer conscious sedation (with an Anesthesiologist present at all times at the Treatment Room) for those patients that prefer to have most of their dental work done in one sitting or those that are anxious of visits to the dentist.

We follow the Huggins Protocol and our Dentists were trained by Dr. Huggins himself on this techniques.

We offer you a full evaluation and panoramic X rays for US$ 35,00

We have recently opened our Medical Wing, where we can assist you with your medical needs, we specialize on Preventive care and Stem Cells treatments.

Come visit our Clinic and let your oral and overall health recovery begin !!!


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Prices/Services List

Amalgam Removal replaced with inlay$400 USD

Permanent Removal bi-lateral bridge$500.00 USD

Ceramic Crown$550.00 USD

Permanent Bridge$550.00 USD (per 6 units)

Bonding - Tooth reconstruction$180.00 USD

Amalgam Removal replaced with an onlay$450.00 USD

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