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About Endoclinik

Endoclinik is a freestanding ambulatory surgery center that specializes in providing quality endoscopic services, including colon cancer screenings and digestive disease treatment. Our dedicated medical staff provide patient centered care in a friendly, relaxed setting.

We understand how personal these situations are and how important it is that you are comfortable with your care and surroundings. The Endoscopy Center provides:

  • A private waiting area

  • Patient-focused, specialized staff

  • Four private endoscopy rooms

  • Private pre and post operation recovery areas

  • Advanced equipment

For information about gastrointestinal disorders, colorectal cancer and the procedures performed at the Endoclinik contact us at +52 665 521 2410


Prices/Services List

Intragastric Balloon$2300 USD

Upper Endoscopy$350 USD

Lower Endoscopy$500 USD

Colonoscopy$1000 USD

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