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ImproveDent - Implant & Dental Studio

We started as Beauty Dental Clinic. We have a history of more than 12 years of work experience, mainly focused n dental cosmetics and smile design. We have all kinds of dentistry specialties and state-of-the-art facilities to offer our patients a comprehensive dental care, all conveniently located in one dental Clinic: Improvedent - Dental Implant & Design Studio.



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Prices/Services List

Composite resin fillings$65 dlls per tooth

Deep cleaning$50 dlls per quadrant

Prophylaxis$50 dlls

Root canal$250 dlls

Post and core build up$120

Crowns metal free (zirconia)$550

Simple extractions$65

Core build up$50

Oral evaluation$35

Intraoral complete radiographic$40 dlls

Surgical extraction$120 - $200

Complete dentadure$600

Partial dentadure$350

Teeth whitening$180


Implants$1500 dlls

Occlusal guard (nightguard)$60 dlls

Orthodontic treatmentStarting at $1500 dlls

Retainers (upper and lower)$250 dlls

Alveoloplasty$140 dlls per tooth

Vestibuloplasty$350 dlls per quadrant

Apicoectomy and retrograde filling$350 dlls

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