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About Hospital Angeles

Established in January 2006, Hospital Angeles Tijuana is built on the highest principles of medical care and patient hospitality. We pride ourselves on the quality of care we provide, as well as the warm, receptive, and comforting healthcare environment we deliver for patients and families. We are located just minutes from San Diego, in a beautiful commercial district that features many nearby amenities, including a movie theater with films in English, and a handful of excellent restaurants to choose from – including familiar American favorites.

Our focus on delivering top tier medical care with the most modern technology and services – including state-of-the art operating rooms and diagnostic services across all medical fields – ensures we attract top medical talent from around the world. All patient rooms at Hospital Angeles Tijuana are private with in suite bathrooms, featuring a flat screen television sleeping options for visitors. Suites feature private entryway and dining/conversation area. We connect the best medical doctors and surgeons in Mexico to American, Canadian, European patients. Our treatment areas include: Weight loss surgery, stem cell application, alternative cancer treatment, orthopedic surgery, CCSVI MS treatment, cosmetic surgery, dental treatment and implants, neurology, cardiology, general surgery, and vision care.


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