We are constantly building and expanding our network of health care providers. Every doctor or hospital in our network are carefully vetted. We help you search within and outside our network of providers and guide you through the whole process. We help you find the right doctor.

Once you have selected your doctor and/or clinic, we help you, and encourage, you to establish communication directly with the doctors performing your procedure.


Get in touch


Plan your Trip

After you have made your decision we’ll make sure you’re completely prepared and help you plan your trip. Lodging,transportation or any other thing you need, we’ll stand by and take care of every detail.

We make sure that everything is hassle free so you can focus solely on your medical treatment. You don’t have to waste any thought about anything other than yourself and your treatment. And if something comes up, being in Tijuana allows us to always be one phone call away, or at most a 5 minute drive away.





Your recovery is to us as important as your treatment. We will stay in touch and help you facilitate the communication between you and your doctor.

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